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  1. Brandon Hunter Brandon Hunter

    I've left my photo adventuring by the wayside since I graduated school, and now that life has slowed down a bit I'm ready to pick it back up.

    This is the idea I have been playing with, which draws on the old-school focal rings inside a lens of cameras from yester decades. With having a screen on half the circle made it look too much like a pokeball, so I have simplified.

    9 months ago

  2. Christopher Tate Christopher Tate


    Center-bar feels a little heavy. I know it's the same weight as the containing circle but maybe it could go on a 1px diet?



    9 months ago

  3. Brandon Hunter Brandon Hunter

    @Christopher Tate thanks! Yah I agree. I'll have to show it to you with that change. I want it to be at its smallest around 40 px and my original skinny Minnie was a bit too wimpy at that scale.

    9 months ago

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