iPhone 5 line style, free Illustrator file (.ai)

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  1. Álvaro Bernal Álvaro Bernal

    Download for free: http://appchive.net/f/abn/151269
    Descarga gratis: http://appchive.net/f/abn/151269

    Please, if you use it (I hope so), acknowledge my authorship. Thank you.

    Por favor, si usted lo usa (que eso espero), reconozca mi autoría. Gracias.

    9 months ago

  2. Jaleh Afshar Jaleh Afshar

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing with the community :-)

    PS How do you like Glass so far? Worked on any app ideas for it?

    4 months ago

  3. Álvaro Bernal Álvaro Bernal

    @Jaleh Afshar Google Glass is an amazing device. We work in some projects for Glass... we are going to be able to show them on Dribbble soon.

    Thanks for comment! ;D

    4 months ago

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