Album Art for a mixtape titled "Free"

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  1. Eli Also Eli Also

    Debut: Glad to be here! Thanks to Andre Tacuyan for the invite!

    This is the album art I just finished for a friend's mixtape, "Free"


    9 months ago

  2. Edu Torres Edu Torres

    would be nice to see the full cover, looks nice and interesting so far. Welcome!

    9 months ago

  3. Nick Chamberlin Nick Chamberlin

    Well done man

    9 months ago

  4. Eugene Eugene

    Realy nice! welcome!

    9 months ago

  5. Tanvir ahmed fahim Tanvir ahmed fahim

    Nice work . welcome to dribbble.

    9 months ago

  6. Martin Saavedra Martin Saavedra

    Amazing work, welcome aboard!

    9 months ago

  7. Hemant Hemant

    @Eli Also your work is amazing...welcome around :)

    9 months ago

  8. Eli Also Eli Also

    @Edu Torres Just uploaded full album art

    8 months ago

  9. Eli Also Eli Also

    Thank you everyone!

    8 months ago

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