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  1. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Oscar is a line of military products that are currently being tendered and delivered to Western Defence forces. The products are high precision, innovative and state of the art mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, ranging from: Night Vision Equipment to personal communication and weapon systems, delivered on time and on budget.

    Logo lock-ups: http://cl.ly/QO8R

    Enlargement of 'shot': http://cl.ly/QNaJ

    Key point in the brief was to deliver a clean but strong type only logo design, but if possible to design in some kind of identifying mark as the logo will be laser etched onto the 'Oscar' range of products as well as looking respectable in printed and online product brochure and presentations.

    Functional and fuss free logotype; understated in one respect, but quite strong in another.

    I liked the idea of associating the initial with a somewhat aggressive military action: strike, which is where the strike-through makes it's appearance thus giving the 'O' double duty as a numeral and letter. Important not to load the logo with military visual cliches, but at the same time trying to design it so it does look like it represents a military brand.

    I've made the strike-through appear to 'shoot' over the bottom half—which is as close to using a cliche Mash type stencil font as I was prepared to go—and under the top half.

    Challenge is to find a font that looks clean, but also has that slight technical 'edge'. So the line through the O seems to be a good visual hook (can also be pulled out and used as a favicon etc), whilst the curves of the font help bring it more into the aesthetically pleasing side.

    9 months ago

  2. Pete Lacey Pete Lacey

    Can also be written in type, providing they won't deal with Scandinavia :)



    9 months ago

  3. Nolan Marketti Nolan Marketti

    Love this.

    9 months ago

  4. Anthony Lam Anthony Lam

    nice work @Graham Smith !

    9 months ago

  5. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    @Pete Lacey don't think that's likely… but then again, I've a tendency to always put my foot in it. :)

    But yes, I hadn't even considered that as an option *goes away to tweak description to client*

    9 months ago

  6. Ben Powell Ben Powell

    nice work @Graham Smith, really great final result.

    I've recently been discussing with friends the moral aspects of design in all different disciplines, and what projects they would/wouldn't design for from an ethical stand point (for example I wouldn't do design work for a tobacco company). Just curious if a project like this had an ethical implications for you?


    9 months ago

  7. Shannon Mølhave Shannon Mølhave

    I was also going to comment that the real letter "ø" should be taken into consideration. :)

    Edit: I should also say my first impression was that this was a Scandinavian company, which may cause brand confusion.

    9 months ago

  8. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    @Ben Powell Yeah, interesting point, but also somewhat of a loaded question. :)

    Something I ended up pondering quite a lot when walking the dogs this morning. Am I now partly to blame for any people killed or injured, directly or indirectly, because of a logo I have designed for a company that makes equipment for soldiers and armies? Does 'any' connection to a military company, no matter how indirect or distant mean you have blood stains on your hand? But then the real question is why is war started, and who's to blame for that, once it happens then reality dictates you do what you have to do in order to survive. My survival is dependant on me earning enough of a wage to pay the bills and mortgage, so in one way I can't afford to think too much about the pro's and con's of a particular client. But when does that excuse, or justification, run out of milage?

    Actually I sort of worry about it, but on the other hand you can over think it.

    I also wonder if my atheism should preclude me for designing church logos, which I also find to be an interesting question. :)

    If I was a pacifist then probably I would not take on the client. But then how far do we research what good or bad any potential client will do in their own lifetime just so we can sleep at nigh knowing we are not in anyway connected to killing, slavery, prostitution or some religious cult?

    Maybe that logo for that big investment bank has connections to the shady dealings with whoever, what about that logo for a new jewellers who happen to 'on the quiet' deal with blood diamonds, maybe that real innocent dating website is actually a front for human trafficking?

    If you really break it down I don't think we would have much work if we really decided to open that Pandora Box… :)

    Fact is, little in life is actually as saintly innocent as some people make out.

    9 months ago

  9. Ben Powell Ben Powell

    Thanks @Graham Smith, really interesting to hear different view points on this topic, and I totally agree with you, where do you draw the line on the morality of one business to the next?

    I also agree with what you said about paying bills and a mortgage, and its very easy for someone to take the moral high ground when you take financial situations out of the equation.

    Fascinating to hear your thoughts!

    9 months ago

  10. Stan Grabowski Stan Grabowski

    Nice clean logo.

    I would maybe mention this, it may be not important though. The image (the enlargement one) behind this is of a P22, a .22 caliber pistol, and the bullet beside the pistol is a 9mm. These 2 can't work together. If the people you're showing this to notice it, they may disregard the logo based on an inaccurate image it's related to.

    9 months ago

  11. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    @Stan Grabowski These are just 'stock' images to show the logo 'in some form of context' to the client as they are currently unable to show/release their own product information due to various NDA's etc, so not overly concerned about some of the inaccuracies, at least not yet. :)


    9 months ago

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