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  1. Finn Finn

    Haven't completed a drawing on my own time in a long while. Very basic shapes, I was mainly aiming to see if I could remember how to achieve the shading...

    10 months ago

  2. Alan Dowling Alan Dowling

    And how did you achieve the shading then? Dissolve brush?

    10 months ago

  3. Finn Finn

    The very one! Before I had used an overly elaborate Live-Trace technique before that produced a somewhat nicer texture but took far, far longer. Passing back into Photoshop was somewhat foreign for me.


    10 months ago

  4. Rob Nichols Rob Nichols

    very nice

    10 months ago

  5. Continuing on from the same experiment as last night. Still on the basic side of illustration but much happier with this texture.

    10 months ago

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