Dockers Men of Style titles


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  1. Jon Contino Jon Contino

    Lettering for the second series of title screens I designed for the Dockers "Men of Style" campaign...featuring one WOman as well!

    See a closer look at the first and second series here:


    10 months ago

  2. Andy Luce Andy Luce

    Dude, these are boss.

    10 months ago

  3. Joseph Alessio Joseph Alessio

    Nice nice! Wooster for president. So Dockers is cool now?


    10 months ago

  4. Nathan Walker Nathan Walker

    Very nice mate.

    10 months ago

  5. Ricky Ray Lester Jr. Ricky Ray Lester Jr.

    They look real nice! Doug Conklyn isn't on your site? Didn't know if maybe you accidentally missed it.

    10 months ago

  6. Jon Contino Jon Contino

    @Ricky Ray Lester Jr. Good call! That was actually the last one that was finished and didn't get approved until recently. Thanks for catching that!

    10 months ago

  7. Ricky Ray Lester Jr. Ricky Ray Lester Jr.

    Haha no problem man glad to help. I noticed because it's my favorite of the set.

    10 months ago

  8. liping vong liping vong

    can i be you? is that ok? :P
    great work. i've been a fan of yours for a long time.

    10 months ago

  9. James Cipriano James Cipriano

    So cool. Would love to learn to do type like this one day.

    10 months ago

  10. Julien Perrat Julien Perrat


    10 months ago

  11. Francesco Vetica Francesco Vetica


    10 months ago

  12. Dan Dalzotto Dan Dalzotto

    Awesome man, lovin’ them all.

    10 months ago

  13. Mat Helme Mat Helme

    Sick Bro!!!

    10 months ago

  14. Dee Hayden Dee Hayden

    Love your work, Jon!

    5 months ago

  15. The Orca Design Co. The Orca Design Co.

    Jon, you contino'd the hell outta these guys!! we love your work man. Let us know if you ever in Bristol, Uk to come say hello!!

    3 months ago

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