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  1. Michael Shanks Michael Shanks

    as promised yesterday here is the TV Shows section of the Videos concept. (music videos is done and will be uploaded shortly)

    similar to before i wanted to make sure that the user can see more shows on the one screen and give them an indication of what way to scroll the screen to view more shows.

    i've also added the notification of how many episodes haven't been watched.

    i have attached all 4 real pixels, first 2 are the initial tv shows and the next 2 are the edit screens

    feel free to leave some comments or some love :)

    10 months ago

  2. Travis Neilson Travis Neilson



    10 months ago

  3. and the final shot of the videos section :)

    i wanted to change the alignment of the existing Videos on iOS7 to match all my other shots.

    i have attached all 5 real pixels, first 2 are the initial music videos, next 2 are the edit screen and the final shot "videos-real-pixels" has every shot from the videos app so far

    in the "videos-real-pixels" attachment you will notice that all the footers now have the blurred and faded background, i thought i would change all of them once each screen was done. This faded footer is really nice on iOS7 as it clearly shows there is more content that can be viewed.

    i've also added the "more" screen within the "videos-real-pixels" which acts in the same way as the more section within the music app does. i've also added sorting which will change the sorting of the previous screens (movies, tv shows and music videos).

    thank you all for all the likes and comments, because of you guys i have increased my views, followers dramatically over the past 3 weeks so a big Thank You to you all :)

    Just realised that the shot has a missing separation but it is in the attachments :( my bad

    10 months ago

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