Wells Fargo App Rebound

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  1. Tim Resudek Tim Resudek

    Decided to rebound Mitch's old Wells Fargo iPhone app concept using ios7 styling. Added the app navigation back in to the header... does that make the burger menu useless? I also added in the decimal point on the account balances - change counts, dude.

    10 months ago

  2. Mitchell Geere Mitchell Geere

    @Tim Resudek, oh man those Wells Fargo screens I did were terrible! I think about them each time I use the app - how bad the current one still is and how bad mine is.

    I took out the Accounts / ATM's / Deposit navigation from the on screen navigation because I wanted to focus more on current state of account. The context being that you are first interested in seeing what you have in your account.

    So funny that I added the screens without the cents in it, how did I forget that?! :)

    10 months ago

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