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  1. Colin Stasuik Colin Stasuik

    As I'm sure many of you know, the recent flooding in Calgary and throughout Alberta has been devastating. More than 100 000 people were evacuated from their homes, and are just starting to get back in. The damage here is more than any of us first thought, and we are all pretty stunned by the state of the City as well as the Province. However, the support from our amazing community is outstanding. 250 volunteers were asked to help remove debris and clean up the stampede grounds, and almost 2500 showed up. It's acts like these that have inspired us, and led us as designers to use our talents to lend our hands to the recovery process.

    Myself, @Chris Pecora , and @Jason Dorn , have worked towards getting a project going that helps us use our talents to help those in need in our City and Province. We're asking all Calgary and Alberta based designers to rebound this shot with a design that shows your love for the City in this time of disaster. Your rebounded shot will automatically be uploaded to a page on , where others will be able to view it, and donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

    Let's show the amazing spirit and heart that all Calgarians and Albertans have, and help rebuild our City and Province, one design at a time.

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  7. As some of you may have heard Alberta has been recently devastated by flooding. Some people have lost everything and lots of work still needs to be done to get things back to normal. In the wake of this tragedy the outpouring of support and love has shown the true nature of spirit of this community. Please donate

    The Calgary Stampede, on its 101st anniversary, having survived a depression and two world wars was threatened to be cancelled by the flooding, but in the true tough nature of the west, teams are working around the clock to ensure that the show will go on. This will make chomping down on a greasy corn dog on "the grounds" all the more special this year! This is my lil homage to recognize the determination of a city and what it means to be Calgarian.

    PS. YES! of course the typeface is Calgary Script! :D

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  8. A few icons based on the events/characters of the recent Calgary, Alberta flood.

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  9. I no longer live in AB or Canada, but my love for Cal town and AB is strong. This is my contribution to I Heart YYC, Flood Relief Edition.

    You can email in your art if you're not on dribbble

    Donate to the Red Cross

    Awesome work @Jason Dorn and @Colin Stasuik

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