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  1. Kersvers Kersvers

    I've been working on a credit card that we can use in the payment process of Ukky. Attached a screenshot of how it wil look in the app. I'm still struggling with the color and wondering if it might be too dark. We don't want to scare people off. ;)

    10 months ago

  2. Nikita Nikitin Nikita Nikitin

    i fell in love with it)

    10 months ago

  3. Jord Riekwel Jord Riekwel

    Sexyness. Give it more contrast with the background though.


    10 months ago

  4. Justin Roos Justin Roos

    I like it! I assume it automatically detects the number is from a Mastercard/Visa/Other and the mark changes?
    Don't really mind the darkness seeing the other screens. The user will be familiar with it being this far in the app, but maybe @Jord Riekwel is right and you could up the contrast a bit. Did't mind it at first glance though...

    10 months ago

  5. Kersvers Kersvers

    @Justin Roos , Thanks. And yes, it will automatically detect what type of card you're using. :)

    10 months ago

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