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  1. Pierre Borodin Pierre Borodin

    Simple work just for fun.
    Nothing special just only social icons.

    PSD version for free in attachement.

    If you want, follow me on Twitter

    Thank you


    10 months ago

  2. Ales Nesetril Ales Nesetril



    10 months ago

  3. Hian Battiston Hian Battiston


    10 months ago

  4. Djordje Vanjek Djordje Vanjek

    I featured it here:

    10 months ago

  5. Kenil Bhavsar Kenil Bhavsar

    Nice Icons. Thanks for sharing PSD file. :)


    10 months ago

  6. PX Outline PX Outline

    Nice :)

    10 months ago

  7. Ido Vock Ido Vock

    Magnifique :)

    10 months ago

  8. Jackson Walker Jackson Walker

    Great share, love the shadows. Thanks!

    10 months ago

  9. vasiliev vasiliev

    Nice! Thank you!

    10 months ago

  10. Dekker Slade Dekker Slade

    They look great. Nice work man & thanks for sharing!

    10 months ago

  11. Xalion Xalion

    The only set of icons I don't mind downloading. Thanks!

    10 months ago

  12. Jakub Spitzer Jakub Spitzer

    Oh yeah ! :)

    10 months ago

  13. Thomas Giavarini Thomas Giavarini

    Very nice! Good idea ^^

    10 months ago

  14. Daniel Paul Daniel Paul


    10 months ago

  15. Muhammad Ali Effendy Muhammad Ali Effendy

    Nice set man!

    10 months ago

  16. Steve Fraschini Steve Fraschini

    Thanks for sharing mate, lovely work.

    10 months ago

  17. Pablo Franco Pablo Franco


    10 months ago

  18. Chris Raymond Chris Raymond

    Thanks so much.

    10 months ago

  19. Kevin Lorenz Kevin Lorenz

    Great work & thanks for sharing. I really like this long shadow things what's coming up right now. I stumbled through your psd but I don't get your workflow for the shadows. I would really love to read a detailed explanation of how you get your shadows done.

    10 months ago

  20. M-Elgendy M-Elgendy

    awesome, thanks

    7 months ago

  21. 6 months ago

  22. Joaquim Marques Nielsen Joaquim Marques Nielsen

    Thanks a lot :D

    6 months ago

  23. Rodrigo Medel Rodrigo Medel


    about 1 month ago

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