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  1. Igor Syvets Igor Syvets

    Yet another iOS 7 concept.

    I think Control Center is the second important thing that should be redesigned (after Home Screen icons). Currenly it looks like some kind of a Cydia Store tweak.

    1. I clearly separated music from system stuff. If user not playing music at all we can simply hide music block from CC.

    2. I removed Play/Pause button. I think we can use "tap on the song title" for that. When song is paused, the title will pulse. This tap is not really obvious from the first glance, but I think song title looks tappable, so user will discover that.

    3. I've made song duration time in bold. It's really a pain to read a black Helvetica Neue Light in 12pt size.

    4. I don't see a point to keep shortcuts to "Timer", "Calculator" and "Camera" apps there. If a person uses it a lot, they can put them into Dock.

    5. Icons are now in unified style. Sliders are too.


    10 months ago

  2. Daniel Chatfield Daniel Chatfield

    I like it but I don't think hiding the music bit would be a good idea, I often use it to start music playing rather than launching music app.


    10 months ago

  3. Andrew Korytsev Andrew Korytsev

    This is almost what I was thinking. Text shadow looks wrong here. iOs 7 has no shadows) Handle on the edge should be an arrow, we can love it or not, but we have to play with new rules. Plus you missed Play/pause button.

    10 months ago

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