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  1. ☠ So Awesome Man ☠ ☠ So Awesome Man ☠

    Thinking about updating the SoAwesomeMan logo, or having it updated…

    I drew the awesome skull on paper years ago before leaving my home planet, and eventually scanned, vectorized, and supermaned it in Illustrator. (yes, using "super-mane-d it", as in Gucci _Mane_)

    Do you love the filter I'm using? I used the FaaF filter (Facebook as a filter) to give the image a "dirty web look" ➪

    The background is from NASA. (looking for the source… bbl)

    11 months ago

  2. Nick Chamberlin Nick Chamberlin

    Looks awesome man!

    hahaha i'm so clever :D
    (I'm really not)


    11 months ago

  3. Allen Walker Allen Walker

    I can't say it's not classic man.. Done know if you should change it... Whenever you pop up I know.


    11 months ago

  4. ☠ So Awesome Man ☠ ☠ So Awesome Man ☠

    @Allen Walker [shout out to The Bay!] Not really, trying to "switch up" the basic form, just give it a 2013 edition for T-shirts and whatnot like NIKE®, yadamean?

    11 months ago

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