Abandon III

7 Responses

  1. Darrin Henein Darrin Henein

    Some more detail and game objects :)

    12 months ago

  2. Pasquale D'Silva Pasquale D'Silva

    Lovely atmosphere!

    12 months ago

  3. Visualizers Singapore Visualizers Singapore

    Thats's intriguing!

    12 months ago

  4. Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan

    So cool.

    12 months ago

  5. Mac Mac

    Great art style, great character design, but there's something that don't match between the two. The character feels too flat for its environment. Dunno, may be it's me.

    12 months ago

  6. Alexandra Dupuis Alexandra Dupuis

    @Mac I agree, maybe make the car and the mailbox flat too?

    12 months ago

  7. Darrin Henein Darrin Henein

    Hmm... good points @Mac and @Alexandra Dupuis... This was intentional as I wanted the player and certain 'key' sprites to stand out a bit (things are much crazier with everything animating!), but perhaps this is too much. Thanks for the feedback :)

    12 months ago

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