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  1. Antonio Pratas Antonio Pratas

    There's more to it, don't forget to see the whole thing.
    This is a simple flat contact form I made for a clients website. Contacts and map included.

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    12 months ago

  2. j j

    I like the direction, you've kept things simple. I also like the colour here: http://cl.ly/OUAq — However, I think you should find a better secondary colour. The neon greeny/blue I don't think helps, i'm also straining ever so slightly to see the text on the button.

    You also need to work on the padding that you have in place. The padding you have around the sides doesn't quite add up. If you make this better, you'll find that the rest of the design will start looking better! — http://cl.ly/OTkA


    12 months ago

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