Pints For Pitties Colors


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  1. Rodrigo Calderon Rodrigo Calderon

    Special thanks to Noah Kareus for the invite!

    Here's a shot of some color experimentations for a non-profit's logo that I'm currently developing. It's called Pints for Pitties, and the idea is that some of the money from your beer drinking at selected locations, goes to help fund pitbull rescues and shelters. I couldn't resist the job; it combined two loves: beer and pups.

    about 1 year ago

  2. courtney kim courtney kim

    so great! it'll definitely hold up to anything (or color) you put it on.

    about 1 year ago

  3. Rodrigo Calderon Rodrigo Calderon

    thanks courtney! eventually, we're talking putting them on pint glasses...

    about 1 year ago

  4. Walter  Olivares Walter Olivares


    about 1 year ago

  5. Nick Chamberlin Nick Chamberlin


    about 1 year ago

  6. Nikita Nikitin Nikita Nikitin

    who let the dogs out?

    about 1 year ago

  7. Rodrigo Calderon Rodrigo Calderon

    about 1 year ago

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