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Just shipped our new marketing site for Sort, a research tool for small and medium sized teams. We're unveiling a lot more about what we've been building ove...

May 09, 2013


Working on some new elements for the soon to be released Sort. Sign up for early info on the landing page or follow Sort on Twitter. Thanks y'all!

March 03, 2013

It's getting closer...

We're getting closer and closer every day now. Nice to feel the pieces start to come together. Edit: We're super excited to announce Sort, a tool for learni...

January 25, 2013


We're working on a really useful new product at Servo. Can't wait to show more! Edit: Sort is here. Sign up for an invite and follow Sort on Twitter for upd...

January 07, 2013

About This Project

We're working on a new product at Servo, one that will help all kinds of people learn with each other. I'll be sharing snippets as we go.

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